23.05.2018- Most Wanted: House of Hackney x & Other Stories

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tomorrow sees the launch of & Other Stories' latest collaboration- a very special team up with House of Hackney! Injecting an array of prints and patterns to & Other Stories' signature shapes, the collection is inspired by The Bloomsbury Group, taking Victorian florals and amping them up with a truly modern feel- a real marriage made in design heaven:

Blouse, £69/Kimono, £79/Trousers, £69/Dress, £79/Swimsuit, £35/Bag, £59/Dress, £69/Scarf, £27, all & Other Stories

If you're in the market for some summer holiday ready wardrobe hits, then you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with anything from this collection. This teal blouse is a great investment option, with the relaxed cut offering plenty of styling options, whether layered with a skirt for maximum boho impact, or teamed with jeans for a more practical look. I always find that kimonos are a great option for summer too, and this delicately printed style really captures the essence of the design era and aesthetic movement which has inspired the range. 

These printed trousers are probably my favourite piece from the collection, primarily because I love how much the pattern stands out against the dark backdrop, and can imagine them working really well styled with a plain black tee and sandals for summer. If you're shopping around for some wedding guest appropriate attire, then these white dresses are also a fantastic option- whether you're after something slightly more tailored or a smock style for a more vintage-inspired aesthetic. 

With summer holidays in mind, this striped swimsuit is another winner, and a simple statement piece which I think you'd get plenty of wear out of year after year as it has a really classic feel. The accessories from the collection also feel really high-end- I love the attention to detail on this bucket bag with the tassel detailing, and it's one of those pieces which you know you'd find yourself reaching for year after year. Finally this printed scarf- a complete classic which perfectly encapsulates the House of Hackney approach; well worth snapping up as a keepsake, don't you think?

Will you be shopping this collection?

(Image credit: & Other Stories.)

21.05.2018- What I Wore Today #334

Monday, 21 May 2018

Day to day (and especially if I'm in a rush first thing in the morning!), I tend to find myself rotating a selection of style staples- a sort of essential everyday uniform if you like. Whilst I'd love to be one of those people who plans what they're going to wear for the week on a Sunday night, I don't think I'll ever be organised enough to find the time- and, with the weather being a movable feast at the best of times, it's always something which feels a bit futile anyway! With that in mind, it's always a nice change to have a bit more time to think about what to put on for the day, especially if I'm not racing against the clock and want to give something new a whirl, as was the case recently:

Dress- c/o Boden
Bag- Cath Kidston
Shoes- Adidas (c/o Spartoo)
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban (c/o John Lewis)

How beautiful is this Boden dress?! I've had it stashed away in my wardrobe for a good few months now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it an airing, and with spring finally sprung it's been lovely to have the chance to style it properly. I love the contrasting print, and although I was a little bit hesitant about the more tailored shape at first, I've actually grown to really love it- especially as it feels a tad more elegant than many of the more oversized options which I usually opt for out of habit. Here's to many more wears!

Have you been styling anything new of late?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)

18.05.2018- On the Menu: Sarona Eatery, Clerkenwell

Friday, 18 May 2018

It's a shame to admit, but over the last couple of months I've become a real creature of (very boring!) habit in terms of eating out- predominantly due to not having all that much time (or spare cash!) to get to anywhere new, or try anything more experimental than the old favourites which I've come to rely on so regularly for a quick and easy pit stop. Now that summer is well on the way, however, the promise of visiting some freshly opened options is one which I'm determined to keep- so watch this space for updates on that front! Heading away from my usual haunts, I recently caught up with Hannah for a quick spot of lunch in Clerkenwell, heading to the Sarona Eatery to sample their brand new menu- complete with 25% off:

Offering a small but perfectly formed Middle Eastern menu, Sarona Eatery is the ideal spot for sampling a variety of delicious sharing plates and catching up amidst a really relaxed atmosphere. We ploughed our way through a selection of dishes which came highly recommended, including the aubergine salad, crispy cauliflower, vegetarian shakshuka, harissa roast sweet potato and chicken schnitzel- all of which were absolutely delicious. Even better, the service was super speedy too, which makes it a perfect option for lunching within an hour if you fancy a nice diversion from the everyday salad or sandwich. With the split bill coming to just over £20 each, the menu is really brilliant value for money too, so I'm sure I'll be back soon!

Have you visited any new foodie favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)
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